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Visual stimulation is a very real and necessary part of sexuality. What we see ignites the sexual flames within us! A NV Notion that scares some, but it is downright tempting, too!

Scarlett Skillet™ highlights art and ethos, and strives to inspire new thoughts, challenge assumptions and belief stereotypes.

There is agreement that the love of our continued existence means that we necessarily must feed ourselves. There is no denying sex is an absolute for the continuation of mankind. Scarlett Skillet™ is a Forum for Culinary Arts, Masculine Masterpieces, & Ideas. A place where food and sex appetites are brought together harmoniously, call it tumbled nature, call it depraved, call it typical, but it is at Scarlett Skillet™

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Awesome Red

Gorgeous Ass

Fitness Is Important

Hairy Sexy Man

Nude Working Man

Formal Sexy Man

Sexy Red Bulge

Masculine Contours

Sexy Tan Lines

Buttocks Tattoo

Country Naked Man

Naked Pool Work

Sexy in Water

Sweet Cheeks

Wet Man Flesh

My Kind of Time Out

Love Ass in Red

Naked Man Fishing

Low Hanging Fruit

Sexy Man with Jeans

Naked Gate Keeper

Man and Horse

Masculine Bodyscape

Pure Bare Muscle

Bare Ass Massage

Pure Masculinity

Reaching for The Jewels

Bare Wet Man

Food and Sex

Need Milk?

Working Things Up!

He Needs A Beer

Summer Grilling

A Perfect Morning